Asma was killed after being raped in a train wreck

Madrassa student Asma Khatun (6), who was rescued from an abandoned carriage on a train at Kamalapur in the capital, has been killed in a clash with Sheba.

Lecturer Dr. Damek Forensic Department said this after his body was taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DAMAC) on Tuesday afternoon. Pradeep Vishwas.

He initially told reporters that initially it was believed that Asma had been killed by a clash. He was given a rape case before being killed. He has black marks on his neck, wounds on his right breast, and marks on the nose.

Responding to a question from reporters, he said that high-vascular soft tissue, blood and viscera were collected and sent for examination to ensure that Asma was raped by one or more persons before the assassination. Details of these reports will be given.

Earlier on Monday morning, the body of Asma ‘s throat was found in the abandoned bogie of a Balaka commuter train at Kamalapur Railway Station. In her bag, the identity of the mobile number was rejected by PooLish.

Asma’s home is in the Sinapara village of Panchagarh Sadar Upazila. His father’s name is Abdur Razzak. He passed the SSC from Khan Bahadur Madrasa in Panchagarh.

Neu’s uncle Raju said that Asma had not been found since Sunday morning. He had a love affair with a boy named Bandhan. The dam had not been found since that morning. On receiving news from PooLish, I went to the Kamalapur railway station and saw the body of Asma. We think that the dam has brought him to Dhaka by seduction.