Marriage facility for a girl under 17 years of age

Only lower-class adult men marry minors, but the surprising fact is that the marriage rate for underprivileged women is almost the same from upper middle to lower middle class.

A statistic shows that 66% of girls in Bangladesh have to settle for marriage before they turn 18! But have we considered why men are bound to marry only girls younger than them?

Let’s find out the reasons-

1. Dominance – According to sociologists, men are accustomed to domination everywhere. And their family and family members are not excluded from their circle of practice of their domination. And in our male-dominated society the dominance of husbands over wives is a very natural phenomenon. Therefore, they feel more comfortable being tied to marriage with younger girls.

2. Discomfort – Popular Posts What to do to chase a blood sucker? Learn to be careful tonight, this position is highly appreciated, even if all your last surprise is true, men are uncomfortable with their young girls. The idea that women cannot be controlled by men with equal qualifications – motivates men to marry women younger than her.

3. Old age in Kutchi – In our country, men reach the age of six to achieve social and economic well-being. And the prevailing idea in our society is that girls get old in the mud. So, naturally, the age gap between husband and wife is very high in our society.

4. Future security – Men have a strong belief that when they get older they will have no one to care for them. Even children may refuse to attend. Therefore, the younger the wife is the solution to this problem. They think their wives will never refuse to give them proper care.

5. Longer and happier sex lives – Usually after 40, most women have a slow sex appeal. But men’s sexuality lasts longer. Therefore, many men are reluctant to marry older women. They think that by marrying younger girls, they will have a longer and happier sex life.