Mother raped by doctor at doctor’s treatment

Police have arrested a dentist named Rafiqul Islam Apu (5) for rape of a girl at Fatula in Narayanganj Sadar upazila. Doctor Apu was arrested on Monday afternoon from the Fifth Fifty area. The arrested was the son of Abdul Karim, a doctor at a dental clinic in Mamun Market in Fatebla and Kutubpur union of Fatullah in Fatima.

Confirming the incident, Acting Officer (OC) of Fatulla Model Police Station Aslam Hossain said that the victim of rape lived with the family in the Fifth Roshan Housing area. He went to a dental clinic in Mamun Market for treatment of his mother’s dental problems.

On the treatment, clinic doctor Rafiqul Islam Apur Kunjar fell on the woman. Then the doctor told Apu’s young mother that your daughter liked me. Want to marry him In such a proposal, a good relationship between the young lady and the doctor was established. Oppu called the young woman in the phone chamber on Saturday. He raped the girl there.

OC Aslam Hossain further said that Dr Apu was arrested on Monday on the charge of raping the girl. The victim’s mother filed a case with Fatullah Model Police Station in the incident.