Police riot tearing the teacher’s blouse! (Video)

Kolkata, Aug 7 – Police have brutally charged protesting teachers in West Bengal for demanding equal pay for equal pay and the status of assistant teachers of trained teachers. Teachers blamed the police for tearing up the teachers’ clothing by lighting the fast on Saturday evening (August 7).

According to local media reports, teachers and teachers have been humiliated Teacher’s blouse is torn. Teachers have called for a halt tomorrow, raising allegations of harassment against the police.

The protesting teachers complained that the teachers were being brought in for not bringing women police. Indiscriminately sticks charged Angry teachers have blocked the Kalyani station lagoon busstand area in protest of the police scandal.

Police were ordered to vacate their area on charges of hunger without permission In this regard, the police and the teachers started tumbul bugabitanda. Teachers complain that they are indiscriminately stabbed.

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