Rape, son-in-law caught in handcuffs

Locals report that a man named Yunus Ali (6) was ‘beaten’ by a local police in Poolish after he allegedly raped his daughter at Aditmari Upazila of Lalmonirhat. The incident took place on Sunday night in the village of Bargharia Shekherdighi of Maisikhocha Union upazila.

The bride-to-be has filed a case against her father-in-law, Yunus Ali, on Monday afternoon. The victim’s daughter was sent to Lalmonirhat Sadar Hospital for medical examination.

A’at Yunus Ali Barghria is the son of deceased Sahidar Rahman of Shekherdighi village. He is a woodworker by profession.

Pu’Lish and locals said that after having a first wife, he married a second son, Kathmist Yunus Ali. A year later, the wife of the wife of the wife of Yunus Ali. Then the boy left the wife’s house and went to Dhaka in search of work. On this occasion, on Sunday night, Yunus Ali entered the house of a sleeping son-in-law and raped him. At this time, the locals handed over the pu-lash to the son-in-law’s shouting.

The victim’s daughter-in-law said that her father-in-law Yunus Ali raped her in fear of going to the fence after marriage. Protest threatens to break contact with the boy. He claimed that Yunus Ali entered the house on Sunday night and raped her.

Maheshadokha Union Parishad chairman Moshaddek Hossain confirmed the incident and said that he (Yunus Ali) had done this before. There have also been arbitrations in the Union Council on this occasion.

Saiful Islam, the OC (then) of Aditma’ri Tha * na Pu’alish, said that the son-in-law’s marriage was sent to A’al court to show the arrest of his father-in-law, Yunus Ali.